How Soon Should You Send Out your Save the Date Notices?

Once your engagement has been announced & there have been photos taken, the next step is to send out your “SAVE THE DATE” How much time should be given? Although this is a relatively new practice, the sooner the better. This way family & friends can start to plan in advance, before they make their own vacation plans or other outings.. I know couple who sent them out a week after their engagement, others a year prior to their wedding date. It’s a friendly reminder, & given the amount of “EVENTS” in every one’s busy schedule a Wedding is certainly a pleasant enough celebration  that loved ones and cherished friends will attend.
A simple  picture of the two of you is the best, try & be creative. It’s always fun to see the couple engage in one of their favorite hobbies or sports, still simple  & romantic work too. I’ve seen simple photos sent with the words save the date on them, or magnets to hang on your fridge or attach to your bulletin board. Which ever you choose the “reminder” will be appreciated & noted as soon as your guests  receive it. If your wedding is going to be a destination wedding then I stress even more to get those reminders out!
Email works too, in this day & age of social networks.  An e-mail with the information & photo attachment will save you some postage, being that your invites will definitely will be mailed out sometime thereafter. So have those photos taken, your location & date noted & alleviate some stress!