Good to Know About Your Vendors

0291Pop these questions and make sure you like the answers- before sealing the deal with your wedding pros.


Ask your Venue:  What can’t we bring?  Sites can ban anything from types of alcohol to dangerous decorations.  Heart set on candlelight?  Some venues allow open flames, but others say no.


Ask your Florist:

Do you have a signature style?  Some florists are known for a particular type of design.  Make sure it’s compatible with your wedding theme.


Ask your Caterer:

Are you health-department licensed and inspected?

This might be one of the most overlooked but most important questions.  Food handling rules apply to caterers, restaurants and yes, bakeries.  It ensures the safety of you and your guests.  Food poisoning is not a good wedding favor.


Ask your dressmaker:

What advice do you have in finding a dress that works for my body?

The dress should feel as good as it looks.  A-lines are flattering on all body types, mermaids accentuate curves and soft fabrics tend to flatter and feel less formal.  Gowns are heavy.  Nobody wants photos to capture a drooping dress.  A longline bra – the kind that extends down your torso – can actually help bear the garment’s weight.  You’re also forced to sit or stand straighter.  Instant posture boost!


Ask your makeup artist:

What kind of prep is needed before the day of?

Think ahead.  For the most radiant skin on your wedding day, start using at hyome exfoliators or even better, getting monthly facials about six months prior.  You’ll see an improvement in the tone, texture, moisture level and evenness of your skin, which all make a difference on camera.  On the morning of your wedding, prep your face with a moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid.  It holds a thousand times its weight in water, making your skin look more plump and hydrated.  It’s like a big drink of water for the skin.


Ask your photographer:

When is the best time to shoot wedding portraits?

Try to plan your main photo session for the early evening.  In the few hours before sunset, you will get the most romantic light.  For midday shots, try standing in the shade.  The light is more even and you won’t be squinting.


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Good to Know About Your Vendors
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Good to Know About Your Vendors
Pop these six questions and make sure you like the answers before sealing the deal with your wedding pros.
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