Lamar’s Creative Approach

Rings, Rings, Rings

In my career in photography, I’ve chosen not to focus on weddings as a business model. I try to avoid being “traditional” in my approach to weddings, mixing traditional shots or types of shots with my own approach.

One such shot is the ring shot. It is what’s known as a detail shot, and while this may not be the most important shot of the wedding, it is one of the shots that helps sets the tone of an album, and can allow for a lot of creativity if you have the time. If the shot fails, it will definitely be noticed.

Ring shots are an important aspect of wedding photography. Besides the fact that clients pay a whole lot of cash for them, they’re important because of their significance as a symbol of their union. And as such, they tell an aspect of the wedding day story that’s unmatched by any of the other wedding details, like the bride’s shoes even the bouquet and garter.

Gone are the days of boring ring shots! An example:

showing a close up of the couple holding hands, exposing their rings is, well, a little played out. It’s time to think creatively. It’s time to apply to rings shots all of the photography skills, techniques, and knowledge that we utilize in other aspects of our photography. Really, it’s time to think of the wedding rings like you think of your bride and groom in that you want to deliver shots of your subjects with creative light, creative compositions and interesting backgrounds.

There are many ways to go about these types of shots, some more cliche than others. The one that always comes to mind is a shot of the rings resting on the invitation, or the rings resting on a bouquet. My preference is to find something personal that connects the rings to the couple.

Ring shots are often my most fun shot of the day. There’s no one stressing about their hair or makeup, and no one trying to pull their attention in a different direction. The couple does not have to look into the camera and smile on command, which makes for a perfect time to de-stress and relax.

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