Cannot Thank You Enough

Good Evening Everyone,

As I put the key in my studio and unlock the doors, I have to thank God for being the inspiration that guides my mission statement. The same mission statement that inspired me 27 years ago today!! I can’t speak enough about all the blessings that I have and all the wonderful couples I have met thus far. What started out as a photo/video shop, transformed into a one stop shopping event center (16 thousand weddings later) that allows our clients to save some money by using Lamar to provide all of their wedding day services for a fraction of what they’d pay elsewhere.
I could not have lasted as long as I did without my winning team, my partner and my family’s undying love and support.

I thank God for all of these blessings and will continue to provide outstanding service for all of our weddings in 2017.

Again, thank you. You are loved and deeply appreciated.

Rita Lamar

Rita Lamar/Lamar Studios
343 Bloomfield Ave/ Montclair