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When To Use A Wedding Coordinator   Recently updated !

     Feeling Uncoordinated?          WHEN TO USE A WEDDING COORDINATOR         By  Myrna E Javier,  Regional Manager, Lamar Wedding Center Dallas   So many couples ask the question after getting engaged: “should we plan our own wedding or should we hire a professional wedding planner?” After all, […]

10 Wedding Superstitions and Traditions Demystified

Rituals we take for granted are rooted in centuries-old tradition. Ever wondered why a bride wears a veil or how a “something borrowed” has become a wedding-day must-have? We’ve rounded up the most common and surprising wedding superstitions and traditions and the reasons behind them. 1. Something Old, New, Borrowed, […]

Five Reasons Why You Need A Day of Wedding Coordinator

1. What does day-of planning entail? Does everything happen on the big day? Not quite. While this is commonly referred to as “day-of,” a better description is “coordination for the day of the wedding.” It starts with a comprehensive consultation with the bride at least three to four months prior […]