5 Wedding Photography Disasters You Should Know and Avoid

There is one person who could influence how your wedding day will turn out. Whether the experience would be special for your family and guests or be a complete disaster. That person is your wedding photographer.

When choosing a wedding photographer you have to consider many factors such as how much experience the photographer has as well as his style of photography. Photography is more than just the click of a camera. It is a fine blend of art and craft. Some photographers may be great craftsmen but lack the artistic ability that is developed over many years as a photographic artist. Many photographers can only deliver good photos under perfect conditions while a true pro will deliver great wedding photographs under difficult and sometimes adverse conditions.

– A genuinely professional wedding photographer knows how to take charge when needed such as during the portrait photo sessions after the wedding. It is important the photographer guides the people quickly and smoothly through this critical period without spoiling the atmosphere of romance and enchantment of the wedding day by being overly bossy, egoistical or insensitive. Here is a story of an angry photographer messing up the wedding day.


A couple had hired a wedding photographer who seemed like a decent and experienced guy, but had anger issues that they were not aware off. On the wedding day, after taking a couple of shots and getting hungry, the photographer decided to relax and have an hors d’oeuvre. When the bride’s mother went by, she asked rudely (as it seemed) if he was being paid to eat while there was still work to do and the photographer got mad and talked rudely and cursed the bride’s mother and everyone who took sides with her. At the end of the day he received half pay and was replaced with a standby photographer but the mood at the wedding had already been affected.

– Many people may know about photography and how to take one but may not be creative enough to know the order of the wedding to take all the shots. Many people will miss shots because they are too embarrassed to organize, many would find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time and others may not even have their camera ready at the right time.


A girl was asked to take wedding pictures for her bride/best friend at her wedding. On the wedding day, she was faced with photographing an entire group of 100 guests but at the worst moment possible, her battery ran out and she has to admit embarrassingly to 100 people that her camera had run out of battery and she would not be able to take any photo. She was humiliated and utterly ruined in front of 100 people!

– Some photographers will try to cajole you into renting them when their work is average if not mediocre. They charm and manipulate couples into booking them because they exude a convincing confidence which is hard to ignore.


A wedding planner booked a photographer she knew well. A brilliant, friendly and playful guy. On the wedding day, they had had a great time together, had a drink and a good laugh but she was disappointed at the end with the poor quality photographs. He had a good time surely, but let that affect his concentration and missed key shots; even special shots the bride had requested were missing and missing forever. In truth, the wedding planner was blinded by his personality because if she had looked at his portfolio long enough or carefully enough, she would have found a red flag somewhere.

– Virtually all photographers use online galleries on or off their websites to share recent links of their wedding photography with their brides and grooms. Recent links, because you want to know how good they are now and not 10 years ago. If the photography you want to use does not share links, you may consider how up to date they are with their skills, equipment and practice. Recent links give an idea of how up to date they are with their techniques with regards to changing light patterns at different times of the year.


A couple had commissioned a photographer after viewing his album and work which were all summer weddings. However, their wedding was in February and their outside photography times were late afternoon, with sunset around 4pm on that day. Being his first time photographing in February, he had dark and underexposed shots and all the pictures were dull and muddy looking. A wedding day memory best left unremembered.

– If you are seeking cheap, you are seeking to be ripped. Although, occasionally you may stumble on an upstart photographer with natural abilities who offers cheap services because he/she is trying to build a business, but there is an argument. A good photographer regardless of his natural ability is still not experienced and would be learning on your wedding day and would probably miss valuable shot or may not shoot as well as an experienced photographer with the same skill set.


A bride and groom were on a budget and did not want to spend more than enough on wedding photographer hire. They secured a local photographer for less than 200 bucks and this photographer was a disaster. Shots had people frozen and bored, at other times items, chairs and other equipment were included in the pictures for no reason whatsoever, no special bride and groom shots, no close ups or expressions. 500+ pictures, all waste of money!

5 Wedding Photography Disasters You Should Know and Avoid
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5 Wedding Photography Disasters You Should Know and Avoid
There is one person who could influence how your wedding day will turn out. Whether the experience would be special for your family and guests or be a complete disaster. That person is your wedding photographer.